New Powerful Technique In ‘Boruto: The Next Generation’ Can Help Naruto Get Kurama Back

Naruto and Kurama

Naruto Uzumaki, the 7th Hokage of Konoha and the central figure in the original Naruto series, has long held a special place in the hearts of fans. As both a symbol of resilience and an embodiment of kindness, Naruto’s journey from a troubled youth to the leader of his village has endeared him to many.

His powerful alliance with Kurama, once the embodiment of hatred, solidified his legacy. However, recent developments in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations have left fans grappling with the heart-wrenching demise of this cherished bond.

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How Naruto Lost Kurama And His Current State

Naruto Loses Kurama

Boruto’s narrative takes a tragic turn as Naruto, despite his heightened strength, faces an adversary named Isshiki Otsutsuki. To overcome this formidable foe, Naruto taps into a new level of power known as Baryon Mode, sacrificing Kurama’s life force in the process.

The loss of Kurama, a loyal companion and a source of immense strength, leaves Naruto noticeably weaker. This significant blow has repercussions, impacting his ability to defend the village and leaving fans with a somber realization of Naruto’s vulnerability. Stripped of Kurama’s might, Naruto finds himself grappling with newfound weaknesses.

Characters like Kawaki, Boruto, and Code emerge as seemingly stronger counterparts, making Naruto’s diminished prowess apparent. To worsen matters, Naruto requires protection, culminating in his forced seclusion in a pocket dimension by Kawaki. Declared dead to the outside world, Naruto’s absence casts a shadow over Konoha. Yet, hope lingers as fans anticipate Naruto’s eventual return, pondering the possibility of Kurama’s revival.

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How Can Naruto Regain Kurama

Baby Kurama and Naruto

Kurama ended up burning away and, as such, there is no body left for him behind as he was a mass of chakra, to begin with. Thus, he cannot be resurrected using techniques such as Edo Tensei. As such, it is incredibly difficult for him to come back to life and, for the most part, fans had accepted that he would never return to the series and that Naruto would now be alone for the rest of his life without his Tailed Beast.

However, the recent happenings in Boruto have opened up room for Kurama to return. This return can be made possible through a Shinjutsu that was recently introduced in Boruto, named Omnipotence. Omnipotence is a power that was once wielded by Shibai Otsutsuki. This power essentially allows him to turn any of his desires into reality. After Shibai ascended to a different realm of existence, Amado used his powers to give the power of Omnipotence to Ada. Ada has used Omnipotence on multiple occasions already.

Since she desired love, she subconsciously used this power to make everyone around her love her. At the same time, she recently brought forth Kawaki’s deepest desires and gave them life by having him and Boruto Uzumaki switch places for everyone to see, and rewrote the entire history of the world.

For someone like Ada, who has the power of Omnipotence, bringing back Kurama as if he never died in the first place would certainly be possible. It must be remembered that there are no limitations on what Omnipotence can do. It is a Shinjutsu, meaning it has godly powers and can rewrite anything in history and do whatever the user desires. Bringing back Kurama through Omnipotence would certainly be possible, however, whether Ada would aid Naruto or not remains to be seen.

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