New Theory That Shows How Kakashi Could Get His Sharingan Back With A Little Help From Sasuke Uchiha

Kakashi Sharingan

Despite the conclusion of the beloved anime series Naruto Shippuden years ago, the enthusiasm of dedicated fans endures as they continue to delve into theories and speculations surrounding the characters and storylines. One persistent theory that fuels ongoing debates suggests the possibility of Kakashi Hatake, the renowned ninja famed for his Sharingan eye and mimicry abilities, regaining his lost Sharingan.

Kakashi initially received the powerful Sharingan eye as a poignant gift from his dying comrade Obito Uchiha after a tragic incident. Obito, trapped under rubble, selflessly bequeathed his intact Sharingan eye to Kakashi. This bestowed upon Kakashi extraordinary visual prowess, earning him the moniker “Kakashi the Copy Ninja.” However, the climactic events in Naruto Shippuden saw Kakashi losing this invaluable eye, along with the formidable abilities it granted him.

Theoretical Pathways for Kakashi’s Sharingan Return


Exploring Orochimaru’s Hidden Laboratory

One theoretical pathway, as proposed by Naruto and Boruto commentator NCHammer23, suggests Kakashi could regain his Sharingan by acquiring one from Orochimaru’s secret underground laboratory. Notably featured in Naruto Shippuden Episode 220, this laboratory holds a collection of preserved Uchiha eyes, potentially salvaged from the Uchiha clan massacre.

The proposition is that Kakashi, accompanied by Sasuke, could undergo an eye transplant using one of these available Sharingan eyes, reinstating his formidable visual prowess.

Fan Hopes and Speculation

While a captivating and speculative plotline, it’s crucial to acknowledge that such ideas reside more in the realm of fan fiction than canonical narrative. Nevertheless, this notion resonates with fans who yearn to witness Kakashi, the formidable ninja, restored to his full power and prominence.

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Unanswered Questions and Plot Gaps Surrounding Uchiha’s Hidden Treasures


The Enigma of Orochimaru’s Eye Bank

The theory of obtaining Sharingan eyes from Orochimaru’s hidden laboratory not only opens up possibilities for Kakashi but also suggests broader implications. Theoretically, any ninja, accompanied by Sasuke, could access this secret Uchiha storehouse and undergo an eye transplant, enhancing their powers with the coveted Sharingan doujutsu. This raises questions about unanswered plot points and potential plot holes surrounding this hidden Uchiha treasure trove.

Inconsistencies and Plot Gaps

The idea of Sasuke not considering a replacement for his lost Rinnegan from the preserved Sharingan stockpile leaves fans questioning the logic within the series. The absence of any implication of Sasuke exploring this option raises eyebrows, creating a perplexing gap in the narrative logic surrounding the handling of the Uchiha eye bank.

Endless Theorizing and Debate

While these unanswered questions may leave some fans scratching their heads, it also highlights the enduring nature of theorizing and debate among Naruto enthusiasts. Even years after the conclusion of Naruto Shippuden, the intricate world created by Masashi Kishimoto continues to captivate fans’ imaginations and fuel discussions.

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