The Real Reason Why Only Tamayo Can Say Muzan’s Name And How It Becomes The Muzan’s Curse At The End

Tamayo and MUzan

Tamayo stands out as a unique character in Demon Slayer, playing a crucial role in supporting the Demon Slayer Corps. What makes her particularly intriguing is her ability to openly speak the name “Kibutsuji Muzan” without facing the deadly consequences that befall other demons who dare to utter the forbidden name.

In the Demon Slayer world, speaking Muzan’s name activates an internal curse for most demons, resulting in the violent destruction of their bodies. However, Tamayo defies this norm and possesses an unusual immunity to the fatal consequences associated with uttering the demon lord’s name.

**This article contains Spoilers for Anime viewers.

Tamayo’s Past Holds The Secret To Her Resistance Against Curse That Kills Any Demon Speaking Muzan’s Name


Delving into the manga provides a revelation about Tamayo’s past that sheds light on her unique ability. Tamayo was once a human forcibly turned into a demon by Muzan. However, before the transformation was complete, she managed to consume a special medicine that prevented the full bond between creator and demon. This incomplete transformation, coupled with the anti-bonding medicine, allowed Tamayo to retain her independence and free will, defying Muzan’s control.

While Muzan views Tamayo as a disloyal subordinate, her incomplete transformation and the ingestion of the anti-bonding medicine break the curse that would bind her absolute obedience to Muzan. As a result, Tamayo becomes immune to the death sentence associated with uttering Muzan’s forbidden name. This unique circumstance allows her to actively work against Muzan, aligning herself with the Demon Slayer Corps.

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The Origin of Tamayo’s Immunity: A Flashback Reveals the Truth


Chapter 187 Unravels the Mystery

Chapter 187 of the manga provides a crucial flashback that unveils Tamayo’s origins and the source of her mysterious immunity. In this chapter, the legendary swordsman Yoriichi Tsugikuni battles Muzan. Tamayo, already transformed into a demon, surprisingly supports the demon hunter over her creator.

The Battle and Its Consequences

Yoriichi aims to end Muzan by striking him 1800 times with unparalleled swordsmanship but stops at 1500. Despite surviving, Muzan is significantly weakened, enhancing Tamayo’s demonic abilities. The strain of resisting Yoriichi’s attacks and reconstructing his damaged body weakens Muzan to the point where he cannot fully exert control over Tamayo.

The Unintended Outcome

This weakened state inadvertently elevates exceptional demons like Tamayo, allowing them to resist Muzan’s absolute control. The battle with Yoriichi explains why Tamayo can defy demonic laws and speak Muzan’s name without facing the usual deadly consequences. Muzan, weakened from his near destruction, lacks the strength to enforce the death curse on Tamayo for her betrayal.

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Tamayo’s Defiance and Muzan’s Control


Tamayo’s defiance reaches its peak when, in a fit of fury after Muzan narrowly escapes Yoriichi’s execution, she openly condemns Muzan by name. Contrary to expectations, speaking the forbidden name does not result in her immediate demise.

Tamayo’s immunity originates from the battle between Yoriichi and Muzan, leaving the demon lord weakened and unable to fully exert control over every aspect of his creations. While lower demons remain bound to Muzan’s will, Tamayo’s unique circumstances and the history of her transformation provide her with the freedom to oppose him.

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Tamayo’s Ingenious Plot Against Muzan: The Weaponization of Demon Blood

Muzan and Tamayo

Having witnessed Muzan’s weakened state, Tamayo dedicates herself to researching demon blood with the goal of creating a weapon against her creator. Her hatred for Muzan drives her to develop a poison that weakens him and prevents his split-body survival tactic.

Through relentless experiments, Tamayo discovers an antidote for the obedience curse ingrained in Muzan’s progeny. This breakthrough allows strong-willed demons, including herself, to break free from Muzan’s unquestionable governance.

Tamayo’s research proves pivotal in the manga’s climax. By dosing Muzan with a meticulously-designed three-stage poison, she accelerates his aging, saps his strength, and blocks his ability to fragment. This strategic move exposes Muzan’s vulnerabilities, setting the stage for the final confrontation with the Demon Slayer Corps.

In the end, Tamayo’s tireless efforts and ingenious plan make her a crucial asset in neutralizing Muzan’s absolute control and bringing about his downfall. Her journey from a demon under Muzan’s influence to a key player in his defeat marks a significant and satisfying arc in the Demon Slayer narrative.

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