Five Jutsu Techniques Even “Copy Ninja” Kakashi Hatake Couldn’t Copy

Kakashi Sharingan

In the shinobi world of “Naruto,” Kakashi Hatake, renowned as the “Copy Ninja,” earned his moniker due to his Sharingan eye’s extraordinary ability to replicate and master various jutsu techniques. However, even with this formidable skill, there exist certain jutsu that eluded Kakashi’s copying prowess.

Despite his exceptional talent, these techniques presented unique challenges that went beyond the capabilities of the Sharingan. This article delves into five jutsu techniques that stumped Kakashi, shedding light on the factors that made them immune to the Copy Ninja’s replication mastery.

1. The Ephemeral Nature of Hiraishin no Jutsu (Flying Thunder God Technique)

Hiraishin no Jutsu

Hiraishin no Jutsu, also known as the Flying Thunder God Technique, was invented by the legendary Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage. This space–time ninjutsu allows the user to teleport instantly to any location marked with a special seal.

The unpredictable and instantaneous nature of this technique made it nearly impossible for Kakashi Hatake to copy. Minato’s unmatched speed and precise chakra control were key components that eluded the Sharingan’s mimicry.

2. Mastery of the Eight Gates Technique

Eight Gates Technique

Might Guy, Kakashi’s longtime friend and comrade, is a master of the Eight Gates Technique. This advanced and perilous taijutsu involves unlocking the body’s hidden potential by opening chakra gates, vastly increasing strength and speed.

The extreme physical toll and the need for precise control over the body’s limitations made it a technique beyond Kakashi’s copying capabilities. The Eight Gates’ unique reliance on sheer physical prowess and the risk of severe bodily harm made it an unattainable feat for the Copy Ninja.

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3. Susanoo – The Ultimate Uchiha Defense


Susanoo is a majestic and colossal technique belonging to the Uchiha clan, achievable by awakening the Mangekyo Sharingan. This ethereal, humanoid manifestation of chakra provides unparalleled defense and offense.

Kakashi Hatake did indeed showcase the ability to use the Perfect Susanoo, a complete and perfected form of the Susanoo, during the Fourth Great Ninja War in the Naruto series. But in this instance, Kakashi’s use of the Perfect Susanoo was due to him briefly possessing both Obito Uchiha’s and Kakashi’s own Mangekyo Sharingan.

Despite Kakashi’s mastery of the Sharingan, the prerequisite Mangekyo Sharingan was beyond his reach, preventing him from ever unleashing the formidable Susanoo. The complex nature of the Uchiha bloodline technique required innate abilities that the Copy Ninja simply did not possess.

4. The Unpredictable Yamanaka Clan Techniques

Yamanaka Clan Techniques

Ino Yamanaka, a member of the Yamanaka clan, possesses unique and intricate techniques centered around mind manipulation. The Yamanaka Clan’s jutsu, such as the Mind Body Switch Technique, involve entering an opponent’s mind and controlling their body.

The intricacies of manipulating consciousness and the fundamentally different nature of these techniques made them resistant to Kakashi’s copying prowess. The Yamanaka Clan’s abilities were rooted in a realm of mental dexterity beyond the scope of the Sharingan.

5. The Mystical Sage Techniques – Senjutsu


Senjutsu, also known as Sage Techniques, is a rare and advanced form of ninja techniques that involve harnessing natural energy to enhance one’s physical and spiritual abilities. The most notable practitioners of Senjutsu are Jiraiya, Naruto Uzumaki, and Kabuto Yakushi. The intricate balance required to gather and control natural energy makes Senjutsu challenging to master.

While Kakashi has shown proficiency in copying various techniques, the nature of Senjutsu involves a deep connection with nature and a unique understanding of the energy balance. The reliance on tapping into natural energy places Senjutsu beyond the scope of Kakashi’s Sharingan copying abilities.


While Kakashi Hatake’s Sharingan granted him unparalleled adaptability, there were jutsu techniques that proved impervious to his copying prowess. Each of these techniques possessed unique attributes, whether rooted in space–time manipulation, physical extremes, bloodline limits, mental intricacies, or forbidden arts, making them stand as enduring challenges that the Copy Ninja couldn’t overcome.

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