5 Ways Sasuke Can Get Back His lost Rinnegan In Boruto Series

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Sasuke lost his Rinnegan during the battle against Isshiki Otsutsuki, a formidable villain. Naruto and Sasuke almost hold off the Isshiki for the limited time he had in the world, however, with a final desperate act, Isshiki places a Karma mark on Kawaki before his own demise. In the moments of confusion that follow, Boruto, possessed by the villain Momoshiki Otsutsuki, takes advantage of the situation.

Momoshiki, recognizing the power the Rinnegan holds, lunges at Sasuke and pierces his left eye with a kunai. This act not only deals Sasuke a tremendous blow, but also steals the Rinnegan from him, leaving a gaping hole where the powerful eye once resided.

The Impact of Sasuke’s loss of the Rinnegan

sasuke loses rinnegan

The Rinnegan granted Sasuke access to a wide range of abilities, including teleportation, summoning creatures, and manipulation of the Six Paths techniques. This loss significantly weakens him, leaving him with just his Sharingan and his natural skill as a ninja.

Momoshiki’s actions demonstrate the continued threat of the Otsutsuki clan and highlight the vulnerability of even the strongest ninja. It serves as a stark reminder of the challenges that lie ahead for Naruto and Sasuke, and for the new generation of shinobi.

Losing the Rinnegan symbolizes a personal sacrifice for Sasuke. It reminds us of his ongoing dedication to protecting the world, even at the cost of his own power.

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The potential scenarios for Sasuke to get back his Rinnegan

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1. Otsutsuki Technology

Boruto, wielding Momoshiki’s Kama, might hold the key. While Kama poses risks, accessing its space-time abilities could reveal hidden Otsutsuki technology for regeneration or even travel to alternate dimensions where other versions of Sasuke exist (a risky gamble with uncertain consequences).

2. Forbidden Jutsu

Sasuke, desperate to regain his power, could delve into forbidden jutsu like Izanagi, a powerful genjutsu with the ability to rewrite reality. However, this carries immense risks like blindness or even death, making it a dangerous and morally questionable path.

3. Karasuki’s Help

Sasuke could potentially use the Karasuki to travel back in time to a point before he lost the Rinnegan, preventing Momoshiki from stealing it. This would be the most straightforward solution, though it raises questions about altering the timeline and potential paradoxes.

Time travel often comes with unforeseen consequences and risks of temporal instability. Using the Karasuki could create ripples in the timeline, with unpredictable and potentially disastrous outcomes.

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4. Eating A Chakra Fruit

In Naruto, it’s shown that chakra fruits grant power specific to the eater’s lineage and potential. Kaguya, an Otsutsuki, gained the Rinnegan due to consuming the fruit. Momoshiki and Kinshiki, also Otsutsuki, sought out chakra fruits to enhance their existing Rinnegan abilities. These instances suggest that someone without Otsutsuki ancestry might not gain the Rinnegan, even from a fruit.

While Sasuke possesses Uchiha heritage, which is distantly related to the Otsutsuki, it’s unclear if it’s close enough to trigger Rinnegan awakening through a fruit. Hagoromo, the first Rinnegan wielder, received his power directly from the fruit but also possessed pure Otsutsuki blood. Sasuke regaining his Rinnegan solely through a chakra fruit seems low. However, the complexities of the Naruto universe and the potential for creative interpretation leave room for possibilities.

5. Unforeseen Developments

The arrival of new allies or unforeseen external forces, perhaps benevolent Otsutsuki or alien civilizations, could introduce unknown technologies or techniques capable of restoring Sasuke’s Rinnegan. This approach leaves room for surprise and opens up the narrative to unexpected possibilities.

Remember, these are just potential scenarios, and the actual path the story takes might be entirely different. It’s up to the Boruto creators to decide how, or if, Sasuke will regain his Rinnegan.

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