‘Solo Leveling’ Crashes Crunchyroll With Its Very First Episode, Gets Best Rating For A New Anime

Solo Leveling

The highly anticipated Solo Leveling anime adaptation premiered with an overwhelming demand on the streaming platform Crunchyroll, leading to technical difficulties.

The first episode’s popularity caused a temporary crash of the site as eager fans tried to access it. Frustrated audiences turned to social media to vent, but Crunchyroll’s engineering teams swiftly resolved the issues.

Fans Are Absolutely Loving ‘Solo Leveling’

Solo Leveling

Once the site was back up, the first episode received immediate praise from viewers. Within hours, it garnered over 30,000 ratings with an impressive average of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Despite the initial overload, enthusiasm remains high for the anime as future installments are released.

Solo Leveling made an internet-shattering premiere, briefly breaking Crunchyroll. Despite this, fans of the franchise are immensely satisfied. The anime’s impact highlights its unique and explosive popularity.

Crunchyroll has faced technical issues with other popular anime series like Demon Slayer, One Piece, and Attack on Titan in the past, but it’s noteworthy that Solo Leveling, as a new release without a preexisting fanbase, overwhelmed the platform from the start. This immediate, internet-breaking impact underscores its unique and explosive popularity right out of the gate.

The rapid crash of such a large website demonstrates Solo Leveling’s phenomenal hype and viewership for a newly debuted anime, surpassing expectations for even the most highly anticipated premieres. This suggests it could become anime’s next big sensation.

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Solo Leveling: The Origin

Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling’s origins trace back to a serialized Korean web novel in 2016, transitioning to a webtoon that gained international popularity. The narrative follows Sung Jin-Woo’s progression from a weak hunter to an overwhelmingly powered hero in a monster-plagued world.

Despite initial difficulties accessing the premiere, fans are thrilled with the anime’s first installment. A-1 Pictures, the animation studio behind it, is praised for its high production value and faithful plot adaptation. With the studio’s experience and the positive reception of the debut, Solo Leveling appears set for success with potential for multiple seasons.

The debut episode adapted content from the first three webtoon chapters while incorporating original anime scenes. The next installment may cover chapters four through seven, with hints of anime-exclusive sequences. The prognosis for Solo Leveling’s future looks promising, with the potential for it to become anime’s next big multi-season sensation

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