‘Aquaman 2’ Close To Becoming The Most Profitable DC Movie Of 2023 Which Sound Good But Isn’t

Aquaman 2

In what was expected to be the final blow to the beleaguered DC Extended Universe (DCEU), Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has surfaced as an unexpected triumph, defying the odds stacked against it. James Wan’s aquatic spectacle, despite the controversies and doubts, is proving to be the standout gem among DC’s 2023 releases.

The DC cinematic landscape has been tumultuous, with The Flash, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, and Blue Beetle sinking like stones at the box office. Only The Flash managed to muster $108 million in a sea of disappointment. Aquaman 2, initially struggling domestically, has become the beacon of hope for DC enthusiasts globally. By year-end, it’s poised to overshadow all other DC releases in 2023.

Aquaman 2 Is DCEU’s Unexpected Savior

With the DCEU on shaky ground, thanks to controversies surrounding Amber Heard and doubts about chemistry with Jason Momoa, Aquaman 2 seemed destined for failure. Opening at $28 million against a $37 million estimate, the King of Atlantis stumbled out of the gate, raising concerns. Despite a lackluster domestic debut of $40 million over the extended Christmas weekend, the international reception has injected life into Aquaman 2’s prospects.

While its predecessor, the 2018 Aquaman, remains the DCEU’s crowning achievement with a staggering $1.5 billion collection, the sequel is finding its rhythm internationally. Predictions suggest it might outpace the entire box-office runs of Blue Beetle and Shazam! Fury of the Gods. China, a crucial market, has shown love for the underwater hero, contributing $30.4 million to the film’s $80 million international haul.

Aquaman 2: Outswimming The Competition For The Last Place

Despite a slow start and falling short of its $200 million budget, Aquaman 2 is emerging as a dark horse in the ongoing battle between DC and Marvel. In a surprising turn, DC has managed to outpace one of Marvel’s big releases in 2023. The Marvels, touted as one of MCU’s biggest flops, is being eclipsed by Aquaman 2.

Speculations abound about the sequel becoming a box office sensation if its current international momentum holds. Tracking 42% ahead of The Marvels in like-for-like markets, Aquaman 2 has defied critical bashing to claim a top rank internationally this weekend. It seems the King of Seven Seas might just be the hero the DCEU needs in its time of uncertainty. As the tides turn, Aquaman 2 is proving that, sometimes, the most unpredictable currents lead to the most extraordinary successes.

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