What Is The Future Of Inhumans In Marvel?

The Inhumans in Marvel Universe

With the recent rebranding of the Marvel Cinematic Universe under CEO Kevin Feige, many successful and fresh productions are being released from the house of Marvel. Some of these are an extension of pre-existing plotlines and characters whereas, others are relatively new ventures for Marvel.

Fans across the globe are curious to know whether any of the new upcoming productions of the Marvel Universe will incorporate the Inhumans. In this article, we are exploring the possibility of a franchise surrounding the Inhumans and what is their fate in the new MCU.

Who Are The Inhumans In The Marvel Universe?

Before discussing their fate, let’s get to know who exactly the Inhumans in the Marvel Universe are.

The Inhumans are a race of highly advanced superhumans who are often referred as superheroes in each of their appearances. They are found in numerous publications of the popular American comic books by Marvel Comics. The focus is mainly on the adventurous journey of the Inhuman Royal Family with certain superhero powers.

These advanced humans first made their appearance back in 1965 in the 45th comic book of the ‘Fantastic Four’ series. They were created by writer Stan Lee and staged in a fictional land called Attilan which was home to the Inhumans and the well-known ruler King Black Bolt.

This race of humans has powers like speed, strength, and many others because they were genetically modified by engineering procedures. Over the years, the Marvel Universe has incorporated the Inhumans in numerous of its animated series and successful video games.

The Potential Future Of The Inhumans In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Back in 2017, Marvel released its much-anticipated television series called ‘Inhumans’ that was aired on ABC. Marvel had some very big plans for the said production and spent a lot on the show’s marketing. However, it did not sit well with the fans and soon, turned out to be a disappointing project for the MCU.

The reason for the show’s failure was the lack of creative ideas in the visuals. The costumes, plotlines, and even the acting of the artists, failed to do justice to the superhumans of the Marvel. Therefore, critics and fans shunned the show.

Marvel had plans to turn the ‘Inhumans’ series into a massively popular franchise but those plans did not live up to see the daylight. Soon after the premiere of the first season of the series, further productions of the same were canceled by Marvel. It was soon forgotten by everyone.

Following this disastrous fate, the Inhumans have no future in Marvel as of the present. The entire team of the Marvel Universe has rejected and denied any speculations or rumors about a potential return of the Inhumans as a cinematic adaptation.

Hence, fans of the Inhumans race will have to wait longer with no set plans for the production to return.

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