Nina Agdal Dating History: All The Men Logan Paul’s Fiance Has Dated

nina agdal

Logan Paul and model Nina Agdal are engaged and soon to get married. Logan Paul has taken his career in boxing quite seriously. And as the 28-year-old is about to fight Dillon Danis in the month of October in Manchester. Dillon somehow saw this as the right opportunity to attack Logan by using his girlfriend/ fiancée.

Dillon has dug up the past of the model. The fighter dragged the love life of the model for no reason whatsoever. The fighter trash talked about Agdal and Paul previously, before he proceeded to bring light on Agdal and DiCaprio’s relationship.

Who Has Nina Agdal Dated So Far Before Logan Paul? 

Adam Levine

Nina dated the lead singer of Maroon 5 Adam Levine. The couple were seeing each other when Adam had temporarily broken up with his future wife, Behati Prinsloo. Even though they had a sweet something going on, the relationship ended in a not-so-sweet way.

The singer left Nina to reunite with Behati and get married to her.

Joe Jonas

Nina’s relationship with Joe Jonas is not concrete proof of the two dating. Paparazzi spotted them together in Miami in 2012. However, it is not clear whether the two were actually dating at that time.

Max George

Max George is the lead vocalist of the band, The Wanted. The singer and Nina dated for a very short period from 2013 to early 2014. Sources close to the two stated that both Nina and Max had drifted apart. And that they wanted different things in life. However, the two got back together for a duration of 6 months. Eventually, this relationship also came to an end.

Leonardo DiCaprio

The Titanic actor and the model were spotted together during the time when Nina and Max broke up. Soon after, the media released the news about the two dating. Leo and Nina dated for a year before their relationship came to an end. The couple oftentimes stayed out of the public eye.

Jack Brinkley Cook

Jack Brinkley Cook is the son of model Christie Brinkley. Nina and Jack’s relationship has been the longest relationship in Nina’s timeline. The couple were dating from 2017 to 2021. Yet another relationship that was private and stayed out of the public eye. However, trouble in paradise called for a breakup. The couple proceeded to unfollow each other on social media after the breakup. And Jack also removed all the photos he had posted of Nina from his Instagram.

Logan Paul

Paparazzi found Logan Paul and Nina Agdal kissing in front of a restaurant in May 2022. The couple posted the news about their engagement on Instagram, soon after their relationship was confirmed.

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