Drew Barrymore Dating History: All Relationships Of Charlie’s Angels Star

Drew Barrymore

Charlie’s Angels Star, Drew Barrymore revealed last year, that she is back in the dating game. While the actress has been single since her divorce in 2016, her announcement regarding her finding love again refreshed all her fans’ hearts and souls. Drew has been active in her acting career since she was a child. She started her life in front of the camera at the young age of 2 years.

The actress has spent 4 decades in the showbiz. These 4 decades have been full of lovely romances, engagements, and marriages for Drew. The actress’s dating history has some big celebrity names as well.

So, here’s a timeline of the ever-lovely Drew Barrymore and her dates:

List Of Men Who Won Drew Barrymore And Her Heart

Corey Feldman (1989-1990)

Perhaps the earliest known relationship of Drew, Corey Feldman was reportedly Barrymore’s boyfriend from 1989 to 1990. This relationship brewed when Drew was 14 and Feldman was 17 and they attended the Oscars together. According to People’s magazine. 

Balthazar Getty (1990-1990)

After her split with Feldman, Drew’s next heart charmer came in the form of the Getty Oil heir. Balthazar Getty and Drew Barrymore dated for around 6 months before they called quits with regards to their relationship. They were both 15 at that time.

Leland Hayward III (1990-1991)

Leland Hayward III was the grandson of the Hollywood legend with the same name, Leland Hayward. Drew was 16 when she decided to marry 24-year-old Leland. However, the ring on her finger remained a ring, and the fiancé title of Leland remained the same. The couple broke up soon after.

David Arquette (1991)

The actress played a sibling in 1999 to the very man she dated in 1991. David and Drew were once pictured holding hands which led to the belief that they dated. However, the Charlie’s Angels actress has denied all the rumors that relate to her and David dating. But, Arquette has different answers when it comes to the same question. He still agrees to the fact that he and Barrymore were actually in a relationship.

Corin Nemec (1992)

Drew and Corin were friends before they started to experiment with their relationship. However, it didn’t last long as the couple separated after a few months of dating.

Jamie Walters (1992-1993)

Yet another relationship that stood still after the engagement phase. Sad!! The couple started dating in March 1992. They proceeded to give their relationship a next stage by getting engaged in June of the same year. The commitment they had for each other knew no bounds. The couple got each other’s names tattooed on their bodies. Alas, the relationship never survived to see the engagement turn into a marriage.

Jeremy Thomas (1993-1995)

Bartenders also have chances to date Hollywood actresses. One classic example is Jeremy Thomas. He was a British bartender who then became an LA Bar owner. The actress met the 31-year-old when she was just 19. 6 weeks into dating and the couple got married in March of 1994. However, peace in the newfound heaven lasted only 19 days. The couple separated afterwards and the divorce was finalised in 1995.

Eric Erlandson (1995-1996)

Soon after her divorce, Barrymore found solace in Eric Erlandson, a musician. She and Eric started dating when she was shooting for her film, Mad Love. However, the couple called it quits in 1996.

Luke Wilson (1996-1998)

Fellow Charlie’s Angels co-star and Drew had one thing clear in their minds. Their relationship was never a serious one and was rather an open relationship. The two broke up before the premiere of their movie, Charlie’s Angels, but continue being friends till today.

Tom Green (2000-2001)

Drew finally rested herself from the dating game for 2 years. In 2000, the actress was in a relationship with comedian Tom Green. They met on the sets of Charlie’s Angels. The couple became officially married in 2001 when they threw a surprise wedding in Malibu. However, this marriage of Drew also did not sustain for a very long period of time. Rather, Tom filed for divorce in December of 2001.

Fabrizio Moretti (2002-2007)

Probably one of Drew’s longest relationships, Fabrizio and the actress met at the backstage of a music festival. Fabrizio was a drummer at the band, The Strokes. Drew has nothing but positive statements regarding her relationship with the drummer. The couple separated in 2007, after dating for 5 years.

Spike Jonze And Zack Braff (2007)

Soon after the breakup with Moretti, Barrymore was seen getting affectionate with director Spike Jonze and actor Zack Braff. The director and the actress were seen kissing at the VIP section of the Klaxon Concert in LA in 2007. Zack and Drew have also shared a few kisses here and there.

Justin Long (2008-2010)

After her summer flings with Jonze and Braff, Drew’s time to briefly settle down came up to her once again. In the form of Justin Long. Justin and Drew were co-stars before they became a couple. However, there were constant issues of breaks and breakups. The ultimatum was reached when the couple broke up in 2010.

Will Kopelman (2011-2016)

Probably Drew’s latest relationship was her marriage to Will Kopelman. The couple started dating in 2011 and got engaged in 2012. The same year, they tied the knot in June. And they welcomed their first child, Olive in the September of the same year. Together, Barrymore and Kopelman have two children, Olive and Frankie. Frankie was born in 2014. Sadly, the couple separated and went their ways in 2016, breaking the spell of Drew’s longest relationship.

However, the actor is back in the game of dating and we will have to wait and see if this Prince Charming is the final one that Drew will lock.

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