‘Naruto’ Fans Suspect ‘One Piece’ Fandom Influenced Sakura’s High Ranking In Naruto Poll

Sakura and One Piece

The mid-term results of the ongoing Naruto worldwide character popularity poll have been unveiled, exposing the top 50 rankings based on fan votes. While perennial favorites Minato Namikaze and Itachi Uchiha retained the top two positions, Sakura Haruno has surprisingly claimed the third spot, surpassing both Naruto and Sasuke.

The poll not only provides an overall ranking but also showcases each character’s popularity across different regions worldwide. As voting continues until January 31st, there’s still room for shifts in the final results. However, recent reports suggest a controversial twist to Sakura’s rise in the rankings.

Controversial Allegations: One Piece Fandom’s Influence

Was Sukura Haruno being top 3 in Narutop 99 from Onepiece fans?
byu/Alt_account356 inNaruto

Speculations have emerged that Sakura’s sudden ascent to the third position may be linked to the interference of One Piece fans. Reports suggest that members of certain One Piece communities may have coordinated efforts to manipulate the Naruto poll results, raising questions about the authenticity and integrity of the ongoing character popularity poll.

Claims of interference are met with divided opinions within the One Piece fan base. Some argue that One Piece enthusiasts may not be invested enough in another series’ contest to orchestrate manipulation. Others acknowledge the presence of One Piece meme communities that could have played a role, albeit not on a massive scale.

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Let’s Take A Deeper Look Into The Manipulation Speculations

One commentator with ties to One Piece fan communities sheds light on the situation. While acknowledging sporadic votes from some meme communities, the impact is deemed significant. Sakura secured her third-place position decisively, with over 210,000 votes more than the fourth-place character and nearly half a million votes in total.

The commentator suggests that Sakura’s ranking is more a result of genuine support from Naruto fans rather than a large-scale external influence.

The discussion on Reddit reflects a split among fans regarding One Piece’s potential involvement. Some contend that One Piece supporters genuinely aided Sakura’s rise, while others dismiss the notion, emphasizing the substantial support from Naruto devotees.

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Unpacking the Sakura Controversy: Genuine Support or External Influence?

Sakura Haruno
Sakura Haruno

The controversy prompts an exploration of why some fans harbor negative sentiments toward Sakura. Criticisms range from her early insensitive and shallow behaviors, such as ending a meaningful friendship with Ino over a boy, to her perceived lack of gratitude towards Naruto despite his life-saving actions.

Fans also highlight Sakura’s shallowness concerning others’ looks and feelings, particularly her singular obsession with Sasuke without deeper reasoning or awareness of his flaws.

As the Naruto popularity poll continues, the debate surrounding Sakura’s ranking adds an unexpected layer of intrigue, with fans eagerly anticipating the final results and the resolution of the controversy.

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