Ultra Ego Goku: True Ultra Instinct Is Not The End Of Road For Goku As He May Soon Unlock A Much Much Powerful Form

Ultra Ego Goku

Goku has five different levels of ultra Instinct, each one being an advancement over the last, but it’s not as big of a difference as, say, Super Saiyan 1 to Super Saiyan 3. These are only slight changes to the form that do not make it a completely different form; it’s still pretty much the same thing with only slight improvements.

What if that was to change? This would be an unbelievable turn of events. We are led to believe that Ultra Instinct is Goku’s final form, that he will not surpass the level of an Angel. He is not even meant to be thinking in this form; all emotion narratively is said to disappear while using Ultra Instinct. That was only until very recently in the Granola Arc that this did change, and Goku is now given more emotional room in this form.

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Evolution of Ultra Instinct

Goku Ultra instinct Evolution

The five levels of Ultra Instinct each improve on the power and stability of the last, starting with the Omen in the beginning and then going into the full version during Goku’s fight against Jiren. But even that was only a fraction of the true capabilities of UI. After the Moro Arc, it was revealed to Goku that he is only using around one percent of UI’s true power, and compared to the angels, he is very much at the bottom of the ladder.

Ultra Instinct Mastered

Ultra Instinct Mastered, initially called Ultra Instinct, is by no means a mastered form. Achieved in the climax of the Tournament of Power, this displays fully silver hair and eyes, with access to most of, at the time, power of Ultra Instincts. The only drawback is that this was Goku’s first time using it, so it had major stamina problems. Goku even looked like he got backstabbed by Frieza here in the end.

Perfected Ultra Instinct

After training with Mira, Goku achieved Perfected Ultra Instinct. This came with improved endurance level and consistent power behind it, allowing him to dominate Moro. But even this was only the beginning. In this state, Goku’s power skyrockets to the strongest in the Multiverse, while having complete emotional control over mind, body, and soul. So much so that when given enough energy from an outside source, Goku was able to create an even more powerful energy avatar of himself, unofficially referred to as his Susano. This makes him even stronger, but this has only been used in times of absolute disaster, and he cannot do this at will.

True Ultra Instinct

Then there’s True Ultra Instinct. This is the latest model and where most of the change, the entire dynamic comes in. True Ultra Instinct is Goku’s own version of Ultra Instinct Omen that is designed to fit in more with his own personal style. As he isn’t an angel pretending to act like one, naturally comes unnatural. This is a state that Goku feels the most comfortable fighting in, now being able to use his own emotions in conjunction with UI. This is inevitably going to lead to yet another evolution of this transformation.

A Surprise Transformation

Could there be a fusion with Super Saiyan or any one of Goku’s forms? Something that could take a lot by surprise is that no one expects Goku to achieve Ultra Ego—that’s Vegeta’s form. It works well with him; leave it for Vegeta, if anything, out of respect.

Just like how Vegeta loathed Instant Transmission but refused to ever use it again out of respect for himself and Goku. Could there be a situation in the future where Goku is forced to learn Ultra Ego? There’s nothing really stopping him, and unlike Vegeta and instinct, I would feel confident in Goku actually being able to learn it and achieve it, just like he hit Super Saiyan 3 for the longest time.

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Can Goku Achieve A Form That Is Combination Of Ultra Instinct And Ultra Ego?

Dragon Ball: Goku

So far, there’s nothing stopping Goku from trying. The story has not made any mention of this so far—whether he has tried and failed, whether it’s just not for him. Instead, the story has been sort of stuck in purgatory here for the last eight months with True UI.

If Goku were able to learn another godly form, such as Ego, and mix it with his already tuned Instinct, that would be an unstoppable force. Without even needing a fusion with Instinct, you will dodge every attack, and with Ego, even if you do get hit, you become even stronger.

This is a recipe for the most overpowered character in all of fiction. And with Goku evolving UI every arc, the path was always more likely for him to go down the route of just the Angels. However, True UI does mix things up in that now emotions are compatible with Instinct, which had never been the case.

This is all to say that when the time comes and Black Frieza is standing over everyone, and Goku steps up with his Ultra Instinct plus Ultra Ego fused transformation, it still won’t be enough.

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